Team Frong
Is it called a Frong because it's a Frog drawn wrong?

Kinda’. But it’s also a typo by the founder of the group upon seeing my drawing of a frog.


In honor of the return of Homestuck, and Team Frong reaching 20,000 followers, I give you John becoming the anime!


In honor of the return of Homestuck, and Team Frong reaching 20,000 followers, I give you John becoming the anime!

I have never been more proud in my life.

The Homestuck Anime



Do you have all of the voice actors/actresses that you would need, or are you still looking for people?

We have everyone.

You're chill


Do you guys still need colorist and animators? Cause I might be able to help out with that :3 (I have already started a walk cycle for an animator audition and I kind of what to know if you still need animations and stuff so I know if I should add detail or not cause if you don't need anymore people I'll probably just stop working on auditions)

Actually yes! Feel free to submit. Just know that it may be about a month before we accept anyone onto the team, mostly because we’re working on a big production that we plan on releasing soon.

I’ve been working on a website for us recently. Feel free to check it out!

With Homestuck (possibly) returning in a month, do you guys think you'll have something ready to show? A teaser trailer perhaps? The new updates will stir up activity in the fandom, so I can't think of a better time!

We’ll see! 

Actually, I followed the FTS Project pretty closely, and they were in fact shut down by What Pumpkin! They had a team and had started animation work when an email asking for permission was given a big red "no" stamp, and they decided to obey WP's wishes. They worked on their own original project for a bit, but that died from lack of interest. I'm not sure why What Pumpkin said what they did considering it was a free fanwork, or how their situation was judged differently from yours. It was weird.

Dang! I’m sorry to hear about that.

Do you know where I could find the Homestuck anime???? :c

It is within all of us.

Do any of you at Team Frong recall the FTS Studios Homestuck animation project? I am not entirely familiar with it, but it seems it was shutdown by What Pumpkin for some reason or another.

If I remember correctly, one of our team members was/is on FTS Studios. I don’t know all of the details about FTS. I do know that a bit of their organization and policies bugged me a tad bit, but honestly I’m not one to talk, haha.

Regardless, I know that this post says they were/are working on an animated short. I don’t know if they ever finished it. It would be cool if they did! I don’t think it was shut down by What Pumpkin. It’s far more likely that FTS didn’t feel like they had the permission to do an animation, and after sending multiple requests for permission and not getting any response, they stopped trying.

Again, I’m not entirely sure! But things do happen that way sometimes. In all actuality, you don’t exactly need permission from What Pumpkin to make a fanimation. You by all technicality do, but What Pumpkin is generally okay with things as long as you’re not making a profit or interfering with their profit making in some way. If What Pumpkin was making an anime themselves (or something similar), then you would need to ask. Otherwise, it’s typically fine. 

But we got permission a long time ago anyways just in case, haha.

When are you going to announce the writers?

In due time! We’re changing up the process a bit. Thank you for your patience!

What characters are open?


Just FYI, All of the links are broken on your sidebar except for the ask box.

Yeah! I’m doing some work on the website, sorry! They’ll be fixed soon!